People & Portraits Workshop

People are our most common photographic subjects, and probably the trickiest. It’s easy to get photographs of people, less so to make ones about them! Effective people pictures, whether of relatives or strangers, convey both appearance and personality. They give us an impression of who that person is. 
In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to think about people pictures and cover techniques for making effective ones. 

About Online Course Process…

Our workshop program will be broadcast live on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android compatible Zoom application. This is not a video training program. Our participants will participate in this program live with our instructor. When you register, details about how the system will work will be sent to you by e-mail. You will be able to watch the program on a computer, tablet or phone…

Online Seminar Program

Session 1
Investigation of the album and the work of major photographers from around the world and Turkey
Session 2
Using lenses
Session 3
Session 4
Composition, Types of Portrait, Tips

Seminar Fee …

Online Poeple & Portraits Workshop fee is 250 TL
The price includes theoretical training, photo evaluation session, online consultancy during the seminar, Attendance Certificate of Fototrek & Istanbul Hatırası Photography Center.

To Register for the Course…

When you decide to join the course program, just send an e-mail to
We will provide you with payment information and course participation information.