Visual Elements of Photography Workshop

In order for a photo to be good, beautiful, accurate, successful or more effective with the definition I use, it must be strong and effective in 5 ways. However, the photos that are successful in these 5 directions will have a high chance of being permanent and at least memorable. These 5 titles are; technique, form, content, expression and emotion. These 5 titles are the criteria that we will pay attention to while evaluating photographs as well as looking at the photographs. It will not be possible for the photograph that has problems in any of these titles to be effective.

In this workshop, which lasts for four sessions, you will examine how different visual elements are used for effective photo narration, accompanied by sample photos, and you will realize theoretical knowledge with fun and entertaining assignments.

About Online Course Process…

Our workshop program will be broadcast live on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android compatible Zoom application. This is not a video training program. Our participants will participate in this program live with our instructor. When you register, details about how the system will work will be sent to you by e-mail. You will be able to watch the program on a computer, tablet or phone…

Visual Elements of Photography Workshop

Online Workshop Program

Session 1:
Using the viewfinder and LCD
Choosing angle, distance, height and deciding on the frame
Lines from design elements (horizontal-vertical-diagonal)
Shape, form, texture of design elements
Highlighting the subject with light and color

Session 2:
Integrity and visual bond
Emphasizing depth
Scale and proportions
Abstraction and details

Session 3:
Emphasizing the center of attention
Creating an atmosphere in photography
Format and content partnership

Session 4:
Finding your visual language
Snapshots and live with the camera
Creative strategy suggestions
Alternative composition approaches

Visual Elements of Photography Workshop

Seminar Fee …

Online Visual Elements of Photography Workshop fee is 250 TL
The price includes theoretical training, photo evaluation session, online consultancy during the seminar, Attendance Certificate of Fototrek & Istanbul Hatırası Photography Center.

To Register for the Course…

When you decide to join the course program, just send an e-mail to
We will provide you with payment information and course participation information.